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About Us

HFT Group (High Frequency Trading Group) came about in 2008.
A group of members of a popular Forex Trading forum were seeing good results trading a HFT algo on a popular broker.

The broker commission was impeding great trading results so we approached the broker as a group seeking a better commission rate based on our group trading volume.

The broker agreed to a discounted commission rate based on group volume, hence the HFT Group was formed. This agreement pioneered discounted commission rates to clients as an alternative to a monthly payment from the few rebate providers available at the time.

Following the success in obtaining a discounted commission rate for our group, the offer was made available to all members of the forum. Shortly after, I was approached by a newly launched broker with an offer to all forum members to do business with them.

This agreement was hugely sucessful for both the broker and our forum members. 12 months later another broker requested HFT Group as their first IB (Introducing Broker) for their forthcoming launch. This was another sucessful partnership.

Seeing an opportunity for Forex Traders Worldwide to benefit from discounted commission rates and a potential business opportunity, a webpage was put together with a few broker offers and made available to all Forex Traders.
From that time, new brokers were added giving Forex Traders more options.
Now HFT Group offers and extensive list of Forex Brokers to suit the requirements of Forex Traders Worlwide.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient client support and return on average 75% of our IB payments from Forex Brokers back to our clients in the form of a discounted commission rate or a monthly rebate payment.