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Commission discount

$2.00 per lot on Prime account. Spread reduction of 0.2 pips Standard account.

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Commission discount

$2.00 per lot on Prime account. Spread reduction of 0.2 pips Standard account.

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Our commitment to excellence extends to our unbeatable rates, carefully curated to outshine competitors in the online trading landscape. We continuously monitor the market, ensuring that you always enjoy the best rates available on the net. Trust us to deliver unparalleled value for your investments.

Instant Cash Back for Every Trade

Elevate your trading experience with instant cash back directly credited to your broker account. Experience the added advantage of spread and commission reduction at selected brokers, enhancing your overall profitability. Our platform is designed to maximize your returns and make every trade count.

In Exclusive Partnership with CLEAR MARKETS

As a testament to our dedication to quality, we proudly collaborate with Clear Markets, the original and most popular rebate provider in the industry. This strategic partnership allows us to offer you exclusive benefits and privileges, setting us apart as a preferred choice for traders seeking the highest standards of service.

What are forex rebates?

Forex rebates constitute a valuable portion of the transaction cost that is returned to the client with every trade, effectively reducing the spread and enhancing the overall win ratio. To illustrate, if your rebate amounts to 1 pip and the spread stands at 3 pips, your net spread is effectively reduced to a mere 2 pips.

While some traders may initially harbor concerns that there must be hidden costs or trade-offs elsewhere, the reality is that Forex rebates operate without a catch. Contrary to skepticism, these rebates authentically diminish the transaction costs, contributing to an improved bottom line for traders. As traders delve into the mechanics of rebates, they soon discover the tangible benefits without any hidden expenses, making it a strategic and advantageous component of their trading experience.

How do forex rebates work?

When you choose to open a brokerage account through our platform, the broker compensates us with a portion of their spread or commission profit for each trade you execute – a token of appreciation for referring you as a customer. In turn, we prioritize sharing the majority of this revenue with you, presenting you with a cash rebate for every trade made as a heartfelt thank-you for choosing our services.

Rest assured, your spreads and trading conditions remain identical to those you would experience if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The sole distinction lies in the additional benefit you receive as our valued client – extra cash per trade. This unique advantage makes trading through us not only financially rewarding but also more lucrative compared to the traditional approach of opening an account directly with the broker. Your success is our reward, and we are committed to making your trading experience both seamless and profitable.

Will my spreads increase?

There are a few scammy forex rebate providers out there that do this but we never have and never will. It would be deceptive, unethical, and totally against our business model, not to mention customers would quickly catch on and write horrible reviews! The easiest way to alleviate such a concern is just ask customer support at the broker.

What advantages does working through an intermediary offer compared to dealing directly with the broker?

A forex rebate operates on a concept akin to credit card rewards programs. Consider a Visa credit card, for instance. When a consumer uses the card, the vendor incurs a fee (1.5% – 3%), paid to Visa. Similarly, credit card users enrolled in rewards programs receive around 1% cashback on purchases. Is it free money? In a sense, yes. The consumer gains money they wouldn’t have received otherwise, funded by fees charged to vendors, who may incorporate these costs into product prices.

In the forex world, a rebate provider establishes a contractual relationship with various forex brokers, earning a commission for each trade executed by traders they refer. This system provides substantial marketing benefits for brokers, ranging from attracting new clients to enhanced branding and improved search engine visibility. The rebate provider then shares a cash rebate with the client, sourced from the commission earned from the forex broker.

Are forex rebates worth the effort?

The primary challenge faced by any forex trader is the transaction cost, which, although seemingly minor, significantly diminishes the trader’s chances of success to less than 50% in each trade. Despite its seemingly small impact, this cost becomes formidable when compounded, posing a potential threat to long-term investments. Relying solely on luck is a precarious strategy, inevitably leading to consistent losses.

Enter the rebate – a solution that mitigates the transaction cost, thereby enhancing a trader’s probability of winning. However, it’s crucial to recognize that a rebate alone is not a panacea. Traders must still leverage their skills to navigate and close the remaining gap, ensuring a comprehensive approach to trading success that combines cost reduction with strategic acumen.

Why doesn't every trader signup for forex rebates?

Forex rebates are very popular and a large percentage of traders are signed up through a rebate provider. Of course, not every trader is earning rebates. Some consider the rebated amount immaterial to the amount they envision earning trading forex. Others may not trust rebate providers, believing it’s farfetched that they can actually get a better deal with a rebate provider than dealing solely with the forex broker. Others may simply not know about forex rebates.

Why don't you offer more forex rebate brokers?

We have chosen to focus on the more reliable, competitive and trustworthy brokers. If we were to add every forex broker that approached us we would have at least several hundred. Currently we have a relationship with all of the most popular broker’s across the globe. As a customer-focused company our paramount concern is that we send clients to broker’s where they will be able to withdraw their funds easily when the time comes; and experience fair trading conditions and good customer service.

Which forex rebate program is best?

At the core of our business model lies a commitment to providing unparalleled value – offering the highest rebate rates across a spectrum of popular forex brokers. We distinguish ourselves by continuously adjusting our rates to surpass any competitor offering more. This ensures that our clients can trust they are receiving the utmost in rebate benefits, coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer support.

With us, clients can rest assured that they not only enjoy the highest rebate rates available but also experience consistent, timely, and accurate rebate processing. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond mere financial incentives; we strive to create a holistic trading environment where trust, support, and profitability converge. Join us, and experience the assurance of knowing you are backed by the best rebate rates in the market, complemented by a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable rebate processing.


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